50 Pin IDC
50 pin insulation displacement connector (IDC) used on ribbon cables for internal SCSI cabling. Female type used on cables, male on device or host adapter.


Internal 68 Pin Micro-D
Used on the P-cable for 16-bit WIDE SCSI. 68-pin version of the 50-pin micro-D high-density connector. Although the thumbscrew fastener is specified in SCSI-3, some manufacturers have used the spring-latch fastener. Male connector used for external cables, female for external devices.


80 Pin SCA
The extra Pins in this Connector are used to provide power to SCA (Hot Swap) Drives. Found mostly on high end servers.



50 Pin Centronics
At one time the most common type of SCSI Connector, The 50 Pin Centronics Connector is starting to become less and less common. Used mostly with older 5 MB SCSI-1 Systems.


25 Pin D Sub
Commonly used in the Apple/Mac world. This Connector is seen increased use on Scanners and Iomega Zip Drives.


50 Pin MicroD (High Density)
Most 8-bit SCSI FAST (up to 10 Mbytes/sec) computers and host adapters use this 50-pin High-Density connector.

68 Pin MicroD
The most common SCSI Connector used today. Used on all SCSI Wide applications this connector provides a highly secure connection.

.8mm Very Ultra High Density
Also called a Very High-Density Connector Interface (VHDC1) or 0.8-mm connector. It's similar to the SCSI-3 MD68 connector in that it has 68 pins but a much smaller footprint.